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NutriFit is an app designed to help introduce new nutrition enthusiasts into tracking macros.

Along with the ability to log calorie and weight progress, NutriFit offers personalized recipes for users as well as an information feature to help new users understand nutrition terms and concepts.
Google UX Certificate
December 2022 – January 2023
Mobile Application Concept


Nutrition and macro–tracking apps tend to be confusing and intimidating, especially for users who are new to the process.


Create an app that allows macro–tracking in a simple and effective manner, whilst assisting current and new health enthusiasts to understand nutrition.
Pain Points
Through user research I identified user pain points that were common amongst participants. Users feel intimidated and confused when using macro–tracking apps, with unfamiliar jargon of nutrition concepts and cluttered visual layouts that contribute to a negative user experience.
John user persona Katy user persona

Problem Statement

Katy is a busy data analyst who needs
a way to understand and track nutrition
to implement a healthy diet and lose weight.


  • Create an information section
  • Recommend recipes based on user preferences
  • Implement food and weight tracking
Style Guide
Style guide
Final product


This case study allowed me to gather everything I have learnt in the Google UX Certificate program and apply them into a final project.

As a beginner to nutrition myself, I was able to easily empathize with users pain points and understand their experiences with other apps. However I also learnt that valuable feedback and research may arise from problems I don't expect myself. This is vital as a UX Designer to understand that all users experience products differently.